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Oh hey um. I'm Sora, and while I'm usually associated with either 'reveriesky' or 'sumanina' (one's a 'cool' name that I picked and the other is my first nickname so I am attached to it because of reasons) I figured that I'd try to get a bit more personal here so I chose remphase, which is sort of in the middle of the two.

My tumblr is sorarara, which is my personal that I started quite recently that will probably be dead now that I have this account; and reveriesky which is my Inazuma Eleven centric fanart/fangirling blog. You're free to befriend me on either one if you'd like.

15, 5"4, Aquarius.

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andrej pejic, anime, being totally absorbed in anime and manga, drawing, drawing..., harry potter, making fun of anime and manga, manga, occasional gaming, percy jackson, starry sky, weabooing, zodiac, zombie land
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